Seductive Guest Blogging...lure them back for more!

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Does this sound familiar:

- You send guest post pitches and never get a response.

- You have limited time available and need to pick the best hosts upfront.

- Your pitches are accepted so you put in the effort to write and promote but fail to get traffic or new subscribers.

- You’re sick and tired of paying for Facebook Ads without a strong return on investment.

Introducing Seductive Guest Blogging – the best way to lure readers back to your website and have them subscribe for more.

Can you imagine how different your mailing list and business would look if you:

- Knew a powerful pitching strategy that was accepted more than 92% of the time?

- Had the exact pitch that was accepted by everyone from Laura Roeder (LKR Social Media) to Jessika Hepburn (Oh My! Handmade Goodness) to Karen Gunton (Build A Little Biz)?

- Could charm a minimum of 40 new and engaged subscribers to join your list with every guest post?

- Offered hypnotic opt in offers that converted at least 38% of guest post visitors with serious ease?

Picture it.

Imagine…the money you’d save on Facebook Ads.

Imagine…the time you’d save by sending magnetic pitches.

Imagine…how you could spend the time you save. Luxurious massage and manicure anyone?

Imagine…the pull your product and service offers would exude to these perfectly targeted peeps.

Imagine…how you’d spend the extra income.

How does this sexy minx work?

Ok, so making readers weak at the knees and wanting for more might seem like a tough ask (unless, of course, you’ve practiced channelling Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe).

Let me tell you Seductive Guest Blogging will get your knickers out of the knot.

Over five weeks you’ll learn exactly how to:

- Identify blogs with engaged readers who can be effortlessly tempted to your website.

- Create opt in offers that’ll have you stockpiling subscribers.

- Write pitches that enchant your potential host.

- Craft guest posts that hook readers in your fishnets.

- Promote your guest post to maximise your loving list of new admirers.

These sweet nothings willing be whispered your way via video and PDF.

You’ll also get the secret code to join the coveted Seductress Sisterhood where you can swap ideas, seek feedback, solicit support and strive for success (this is no ordinary Facebook group).

Who is Seductive Guest Blogging for?

* Business-owning babes with a product, program or service to sell who are not yet actively and/or strategically building their list.

* Lovely ladies who know they need to build their list faster and more effectively but also know they work better when supported and held accountable.

Who isn’t Seductive Guest Blogging for?

Negative Nancy who isn’t ready to take action. It’s ok to be nervous (you’ll absolutely be supported through that – we’ve all been there) but if you aren’t prepared to focus your efforts and ‘have a go’ this isn’t for you.

Do you offer refunds?

Sure sweetheart. Better to be safe than sorry right? All you need to do is demonstrate you’ve attempted each module and sent two pitches. After this, if you’re not satisfied with your results we’ll refund your money lickety-split.

What if I have more questions?

If I haven’t answered all your questions here don’t be shy. Hit me up with your questions via

Now is the time to step on over!

To celebrate turning 30 I’m offering the opportunity to pay what you want (PWYW) for the Seductive Guest Blogging eCourse for the next three days (one for each decade). There’s no excuse to be left in the cold!

Secure your suspenders and sign up before midnight August 20th (Sydney time). After the cut off this little number will be $AUD197.

Skip ahead of the rest, get serious and buy now!

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Seductive Guest Blogging...lure them back for more!

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I want this!